Treadmill vs. Walking Outside For Weight Loss

Treadmill vs. Walking Outside For Weight Loss

Which is better: Treadmill vs. Walking Outside For Weight Loss? Both have their pros and cons, but let's see which method is best for you.

Which is better for weight loss: walking on a treadmill or walking outside? Both have their pros and cons, and either option can do wonders for your cardiovascular health. Let’s take a closer look at different ways to walk to lose weight so you can determine which method is best for you.

Walking Outside Is More Accessible

Anybody can walk outside. All you have to do is step out of your front door, and you’re already making progress. You can walk around a local park, a pond, your neighborhood, or anywhere else you’d like. You don’t have to pay a gym membership or buy a special piece of equipment to exercise. You just have to walk.

Treadmills Work In Any Weather

One of the drawbacks of walking outside is that you are constantly exposed to the elements. If it is raining, snowing, hot or cold, you have to decide to walk in that environment. With a treadmill, you can walk any time – rain or shine. You also don’t have to worry about someone sneaking up on you at night as you would walk in the park. If you live in an unsafe area where walking outside just isn’t a good idea, treadmills are a great alternative.

Walking Outside Engages Your Mind

When you walk outside, you have the bonus of seeing new people, new scenery, new animals and more. This stimulates your brain far more than a gym wall or a TV in front of your home treadmill will. Walking outside also gives you a chance to breathe in the fresh air, which is wonderful for your health as a whole. You can’t get that kind of work out with a treadmill, even if you mimic it to stimulate a walk outside.

Treadmills Are More Adjustable

You can’t exactly change the ground you walk on when you’re outside. You get the benefits of varying terrain, but that may not match up to the difficulty level you want out of your cardio workout plan. If you want to increase the difficulty on a treadmill, simply push a button. You can set the treadmill’s incline and speed to burn the exact amount of calories you want to burn, and that may get you to your goal weight faster.