▷ 5 Ways to Use a Bench

▷ 5 Ways to Use a Bench

5 Ways to Use a Bench

Last Mod: 2020-12-23

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From the dining room to the bedroom, there are plenty of spots for this useful piece of furniture.

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1. Pulled up to a Dining Table

living bench

No longer just for casual breakfast nooks and outdoor patio sets, benches can now be found scooted up to any dining table. Benches add a relaxed feel to even the most formal tables, and it provides more seating than dining chairs. This dining room (left) has just one wooden bench, but try placing one on both sides of the table.

Opt for an upholstered bench for a more luxurious and comfortable look.

2. At the Foot of the Bed

bench dorm

A bench at the end of the bed can act in the place of a footboard, especially if the bench has a back. In this room, the bench is upholstered in a fabric that coordinates with the bedding and the headboard, creating a cohesive feel in the room.

A storage bench at the end of the bed is an ideal place to keep extra pillows and blankets.

3. In a Closet

TBD 3-Cube Storage Bench

If you have a walk-in closet, it's just the spot for an upholstered bench. Make sure the bench doesn't take up too much floor space. You don't want to be tripping over it. This one is piled high with pillows, making it the perfect perch for little ones to help mom or dad get ready in the morning (or before a special night out!).

A smaller closet can also benefit from a petite bench or pouf. It's the ideal spot to slip shoes ​on and off.

4. In an Entryway or Mudroom

bench entryway

This mudroom bench is made of wood and metal so that it can be easily wiped down. Keep easy-care materials in mind when choosing a bench for a mudroom that's sure to see its fair share of dirt. Welcome guests to your home with an upholstered bench right at your front door. It's a comfy place for guests to remove their shoes. Button tufting or nailhead trims will up the chic factor.

Storage benches will keep shoes, sporting goods, and other clutter out of sight.

5. Under a Console Table

Under a Console Table

This master bedroom is home to one of our favorite ways to use a bench—underneath a console table to create a vanity. Looking for a dedicated spot to get ready in the a.m.? Hang a mirror above a console table, place a pretty table lamp on it for good lighting, and a cushy upholstered bench below it. Now you have yourself an instantly luxurious vanity!

In a living room, place a bench below a console table for added seating in a pinch. Storing it under a table is a space-saving trick.