9 best ways to stage your home to sell quickly

9 best ways to stage your home to sell quickly

Selling a home is never a quick affair. There are many logistical issues to manage, and it’s a test of your patience in more ways than one.

However, you should do these nine tasks when staging your home. This is to ensure that you’ll be able to sell your house as quickly as you can.

Here are nine tips that you can do to stage your home for selling:

Make your house sparkling clean

No matter what, taking the time to clean the house to stage is crucial. You’ll find that your home will shine and look like it’s brand new.

If you are pressed for time, you can always hire a professional home cleaner. In line with this, it would be ideal to communicate that you’re going to show your home to buyers so that you can invest the time and money into getting a professional deep cleaning service.

Otherwise, make sure that you clean the parts of the house that your guests might check. An example would be the inside of closets and cabinets.

Clear away the clutter

Aside from cleaning your house, you should also make sure that everything is organised and clutter-free. It will be difficult for everyone to notice how clean your home is if the clutter around the house covers everything up and being in the way. Thus, decluttering should be the first thing you do before you even start cleaning.

By decluttering, your home will look more spacious, something that buyers would want from home. Aside from that, there are fewer items in the way. Thus, buyers can move around when viewing the house without getting distracted by the clutter.

Depersonalise the house

While you’re decluttering, you have to make a specific arrangement to ensure that you’re also taking away any personal effects around the house.

Bedroom with large bed, brown curtains and black cupboards
Keep it simple / Source: Studio Oscar Lea.

Any item that would indicate in particular terms the type of person living there is unwelcome. That’s because you want the buyer to be able to picture themselves living in the house.

If you had your favourite sports team’s jersey hanging in a frame, it might make it difficult for buyers to believe that the home is theirs. Therefore, depersonalising the house should be included when you’re decluttering the house.

It might feel weird for a while when you’re living there to have anything personal in your home. But it’s the best course of action when you want to sell your house quickly.

Make any minor repairs necessary

In case you are unaware, home renovations can help increase the asking price for your house, but completing it may take a while.

However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t go around your home to find something to improve. Something as small as updating your mirrors can help attract buyers and increase the asking price.

When staging your home, the minor repairs may be unnoticed once you’re showing off your house, but when you don’t repair them, they’re noticeable. If buyers notice it, it can communicate to them that you don’t take the time to take care and properly maintain your home. Thus, it can deter them from wanting to buy your home, or they’ll lower the asking price.

Both of these are things you don’t want, so make sure that you do some minor repairs around the house.

Brighten up your home

If you want to attract potential homebuyers, you want to make a listing in all possible places for the house you’re selling. That means you need to get high-quality photos of your home.

If you have dark and gloomy pictures of your house, it would be understandable that few would be interested in the place.

With that said, if you have a dark house, people who come into the house will also notice that. A dark place feels gloomy and unwelcoming, which are two things that you don’t want your guests to feel.

So make an effort to brighten up any problem areas around the house.

Incorporate natural elements

No matter what the design theme is around your house, it will surely benefit from having some form of a natural element in it.

Lounge room with wooden floorboards and an abundance of plants
Freshen up your living room with some potted indoor plants / Source: EMMA JAMES & CO

It would be even better if you incorporate natural elements that are readily available in your area. Therefore, it will help create an impact as well as freshen up space.

You’ll be surprised just how much a room brightens up with just the presence of a vase filled with flowers. The addition will make the house soften up, and it also has that refreshing atmosphere attached to it afterwards.

Make your home smell nice

The first thing homebuyers notice when entering a house isn’t something as apparent as the place’s look. Even if you don’t see it, one of the things they would notice first is the house’s smell.

You do the same upon entering the abode of someone else. Therefore, it may be ideal for making your home smell nice.

When choosing a scent, please don’t go too vigorous with it. That’s because some people are sensitive to essential oils, which can affect the home viewing experience if they have sensitive noses. Thus, it’s best to go for subtler scents.

Rearrange your furniture

When you organised your furniture, you probably mostly did it for convenience and how you move around the house. However, it might be ideal to rearrange your furniture around the house to ensure that it’s easy to walk around the house.

It makes moving in more manageable for your potential buyers. At the same time, it helps make the house look more prominent, which is another plus.

Stage your outdoor space too

When staging your home, you might pay too much attention to what your interior looks like. However, it’s what in the space that counts. It’s still a good idea to work on your exterior. That way, you leave a positive first impression at first glance.

Tidy things up. Organise the outdoor area. Maybe pay more attention to the landscaping. These little things can help make the outdoor space look more inviting to potential buyers.

The exterior of a large one storey house showcasing indoor outdoor living
Indoor/outdoor living / Source: S.F.D Caringbah

By following the home selling tips listed above, you won’t have to overwork to sell your home quickly. It also ensures that you are not selling your property at a loss.