Interior design tips for autumn

Interior design tips for autumn

As the days get colder and the nights are cutting in, you may have been thinking of ways to decorate and accessorise your home to make it warm and cosy for Autumn. Choice of colour palette, fabrics, textures, lighting and accessories are essential in creating the perfect ambience in your home this season. Whether you’re planning on re-painting your living room, changing up the lighting in your bedroom, updating the cabinetry in the kitchen or wish to re-tile your bathroom, there are many different home decor design considerations to think about.

To find out which design elements we should be incorporating into our homes this Autumn, we speak to Oneflare Interior Designer Alison Leeder, of Melbourne based Leeder Interiors, to get her expert opinion on the top home trends for fall.

Colors for Interior design

Autumn is renowned for its beautiful display of colours. Whether you choose to add these to your home through soft furnishings, art, or a new coat of colour to the walls, it will instantly create a different ambience. 

Adopt nature’s example and bring in the hues of autumn with warm neutrals, rich reds, burnt oranges and mustard yellows to create a cosy and homely decor. The ombre tones of withering leaves or the blurred shades of an autumn sunset will always guarantee your home is in sync with the season.

Pops of warm autumns and florals / Source: Topshelf Interior Design


Growing accustomed to the new season comes easy with warm cushion covers and sofa blankets. Get your indoors feeling new by updating your curtains, carpets and bedsheets with an autumn colour palette.

Choose curtain colours that showcase nature by drawing on shades of gold, burnt orange, rich browns and creamy tones. Neutrals colours and splashes of yellow can also contribute some autumn charm to your home.

Keep in mind that although it precedes winter, the autumn months have a different decorative element to winter. Remember to:

  • Opt for soft rugs and patterned cushions and throws that will accentuate the autumn colours
  • Make sure your window coverings are sufficient. Roller blinds let out so much heat, while lined curtains insulate your home much more effectively. Not only do they keep the warmth in, visually they add warmth to a room.


You can never have too many lamps. Table lamps and floor lamps add a warmth and glow that overhead lighting can’t match. Make sure you’ve opted for warm bulbs instead of cool bulbs to add to the feel of the space. If you only have downlights, create a softer lighting scheme by using a dimmer. 

Textured bed layering / Source: Lindy De Waal Interiors

How to bring autumn into your space 

Kitchens: Rustic kitchens have recurring elements such as open shelving or hanging pendant lights. Open shelves provide the opportunity to showcase rustic pots and pans, mason jars or even plants. Wooden textures and colours create an atmosphere that invites nature inside. 

Living room: Your living room will be getting a lot more love as autumn settles in, be inspired by the colours and textures around you. Bring in rustic dried flowers, leaves and textural natives to enhance autumnal vibes.

Simple and natural decorations in your living room space can add an organic flair by bringing the outdoors in. Surround side tables and coffee tables with scented candles for an extra seasonal glow.

Bedroom: Play with rugs, throws and cushions to create a layered, warm and cosy adobe to embrace the season. 

Hiring an interior designer 

If you’re still feeling a little stuck or undecided on which decorating trends to follow this Autumn, Oneflare have professional and accredited interior designers near you that can help you achieve your home design goals. Interior designers will be able to bring your decorating ideas to life through their expert training in creating rooms that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

When hiring an interior designer it is important to have a plan and budget in mind for the project you want to work on and make this crystal clear to the designer you hire. That way your designer can work to a spec that is appropriate to your budget. It is also a good idea to check out the designer’s past work and customer reviews to see if they have worked on similar projects, with the same desired outcome as your own.