What is a cabinet maker?

What is a cabinet maker?

When you require assistance with a repair or need new construction of timber-related products, you should turn to a cabinet maker professional. Although many cabinet makers only specialise in one expertise, others can complete any requested job.

Cabinet makers mostly receive on-the-job training during their apprenticeship as opposed to formal training. Also, many are woodworking hobbyist who decide to enter the trade. In any situation, they have a specific skill set that matches their interests. The services they can provide include:

  1. Customised furniture design
  2. Restoring furniture
  3. In-home constructions
  4. Outfitting offices

Some cabinet makers work solo, some have a team of apprentices and others may be part of a joinery company.

In most locations, there are numerous cabinet makers to select from. However, what do you need to know about your local cabinet makers? How do you know who is best for the job?

Cabinet makers can create custom builds to suit your interiors – like custom TV cabinets / Source: Maif Kitchen & Shop Fittings

What’s the difference between a cabinet maker and a carpenter?

While both carpenters and cabinet makers are tradespeople that work with wood, there are some key differences between the two. Carpenters will usually work on-site, constructing, shaping and installing the structure of a building.

Cabinet makers on the other hand, will specialise in smaller scale projects – such as furniture or other quality woodwork.

Selecting a cabinet maker

When searching for a reliable cabinet maker there are several considerations, including:

  • Request a portfolio from the tradesperson and ask for references from satisfied customers.
  • If the cabinet maker has a showroom visit it and look at the displays.
  • Try to take a look at their workshop. You can see small hints about their skill through their organisation, equipment, tools and how well their current projects are being constructed.

Once you have selected the right person for the job, ask for a written quote prior to signing anything. Also, if the cabinet maker will be installing fixtures in your home, ensure they have their own insurance. If they do not have this and an accident occurs, you are liable for injuries and damages.