Why you should choose a custom made rug | The right one will transform your interiors

Why you should choose a custom made rug | The right one will transform your interiors

Even in homes that are fully carpeted, custom made rugs can add an extra sense of luxury and warmth. Of course, most buy rugs to cover up cold floors and protect hardwood, but rugs have many other uses as well. They also provide a more comfortable area to sit on the floor, they absorb sound so that rooms feel less empty, and they’re just simply beautiful to look at. While buying a rug off-the-rack is certainly an option, custom made rugs tend to be of higher quality, making them more affordable in the long run.

Types of custom-made rugs

As the name suggests, custom made rugs can come in a wide variety of materials and styles. Common types of materials used in rugs include sisal, wool, acrylic, jute, silk, and viscose, just to name a few. You should choose your material based on the decor already in your home, as well as which room you plan to place your custom made rug in.

Custom made rugs can either be machine-made or handmade, depending upon your preference. Either way, there’s a huge selection of options when it comes to the design. Additionally, buying a custom made rug gives you the option to have it made in whatever shape or size that you desire. Rather than searching high and low for a rug that’s just the right size for your home, custom made rugs are always exactly what you need them to be.

A stylish, carpeted bedroom with a textured rug
Rugs are a great addition on top of carpet / Source: Ama Studio

Benefits of custom made rugs

While custom made rugs might seem like a big investment, the benefits far outweigh the cost. For example, instead of spending a great deal of time searching for a rug that fits your hallway perfectly, you can have a custom rug made exactly to your specifications. On top of that, the flexibility and freedom to choose the colour and design also allow you to turn your custom made rugs into a focal point for any room. No matter what you choose, you’ll also rest assured in the knowledge that your rug is completely unique.

How to choose a custom made rug

How will the rug be used? Above all else, the function is the most important consideration. If the furniture will sit on it, then you probably don’t want an ornate design that will just end up covered by a table or couch. How large is the room? Simple rug design is better for larger rooms since elaborate designs tend to make a space feel busy and cramped.

If you’re not sure exactly what kind of custom made rugs would be right for your home, but you know that you’d like to invest in one, many rug manufacturers have consulting services. Consultants will make a home visit, bringing sample rugs to serve as placeholders so you can get a better idea of what you want. They’ll also offer their opinion on what kind of rug might be best suited to the room, and they can give you valuable advice on materials and budget.

1. Measure the space you have

Before you decide on a rug, you need to make sure you measure the area you plan to fill with the new item. If you plan to put the rug underneath a coffee table, make sure it is at least as long and as wide as the piece of furniture in question. Even if you just plan to put the rug in the middle of a room, you need to avoid choosing one that is too big or small, which means you should consider the size of the floor. Then think about how much area you want the rug to take up.

2. Decide on colors

Take into consideration the colours, patterns and styles of your room, and decide whether the rug is to be the focal point of the room or not. A feature rug is one that can be used as a throw rug and a focus piece. Alternatively, you can try picking out the rug for the floor before you select stuff like paint, wallpaper and furniture. Then you can let the rug colours guide your purchases for the rest of the room.

Considerations for kitchen rugs

Depending on the size of your kitchen and the type of flooring you currently have, adding a simple kitchen rug can create a new dramatic feel for your kitchen. 

1. Anti-slip rugs

These are possibly the best type of rugs you can purchase for your kitchen. Since the kitchen floor often gets wet or slippery from cooking, washing dishes or cleaning, having no grip on the bottom of your kitchen rug can cause it to move around, which can be quite dangerous. An anti-slip rug has a special type of rubber underneath that keeps it in place. This keeps the rug from moving all around the kitchen, and more importantly, it keeps you from sliding.

A kitchen with a small patterned rug on the floor
There are many choices for carpets in kitchens / Source: TexAus Design

2. Anti-fatigue rugs

Anti-fatigue mats are used to support your weight and to reduce some of the strain that’s caused from standing in place for a number of minutes or hours. These mats are made from special materials, but the most popular type of anti-fatigue rug is the memory foam mat. Although these mats come in beautiful finishes, they are relatively stain-resistant and easy to clean.

3. The braided variety

Braided kitchen rugs are made from synthetic blends or from material like wool and cotton. These mats are often plain; however, some are stained or have painted designs on them.

4. Plush rugs

Plush kitchen rugs are similar to the ones that people place in their bathrooms. They have a deeper pile so that your feet are more comfortable when standing on them. They take the impact of the hard flooring, so your feet don’t hurt after standing for prolonged periods of time.

5. Washable choices

Most kitchen rugs are washable, with the exception of braided rugs. Some can be cleaned by simply running them under the shower while others can be tossed into the washing machine with the rest of your clothing.