Flower Hanging Basket Triangle Vase Creative Supplies for Indoor Decoration

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There are so many ways to create homes for our plants! We can display them on space-saving ladder plant stands, stick them in tiny terrarium homes or just plop them on top of a side table. Small indoor plants are a great option if you’re tight on space, but they’re not always the best answer if your floors and tabletops are filled to the brim. The solution? Look up! Chances are that you have lots of unused ceiling space that’s overflowing with potential.

Many types of plants work in hanging planters, but not all of them look good in them. That’s why we rounded up some of the best indoor hanging plants to help you pick the ones that work best for your own style. Bushy, trailing ivy plants work best if you’re looking for a show-stopping plant for your living room. Airier plants, on the other hand, are better if you don’t want to maintain long leaves and prefer a minimalist look.

In addition to plants, there are also lots of containers and hanging methods to choose from! You can create a trendy macrame hanger to hold your plant or group a few together for a hanging indoor garden. To get some ideas and learn more about the best hanging plants for your home, take a look at our list and styling tips below.


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