Mini Portable Manual Coffee Maker | Espresso Coffee Maker

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Using a portable machine maker to brew coffee by forcing pressurized water near boiling point through a "puck" of ground coffee/capsule coffee and a filter in order to produce a thick, concentrated coffee, that is espresso.

The Staresso Portable Espresso Maker with a small size can act as a domestic/commercial espresso machine making you enjoy your rich coffee wherever they go and doesn’t want to leave home without their espresso.

Every single shot of espresso can be expanded and developed in different coffee beverages, like Caffé Americano, Caffé Latte, Cappuccino, and Ice Cream Coffee.

It comes with a user manual that is easy to understand and a special coffee spoon to get the accurate amount of coffee to brew the best espresso around. This is a unique portable coffee maker that doesn’t even require you to use any kind of electricity to produce the perfect cup of espresso. You can brew your own coffee easily and manually with this portable espresso maker!

Staresso portable coffee maker is extremely compact and easy to use. It takes less than one minute to brew a cup of coffee and it’s great for hikers, campers, travelers, and white-collar workers. With this little and lightweight espresso machine you will be able to have your coffee no matter where you are.

Compared to other portable espresso makers in the market, Staresso's products can deliver rich tasted espresso which achieves Golden Exaction Rate Coffee by using great pressure. Up to 15 bars of pressure, you can brew hot water through your favorite ground coffee.

It’s can be applied to capsules as well. Staresso espresso maker can provide you with great flavor with less bitterness and acidity. Just one minute, the coffee is ready for you.

When it comes to cold brew coffee, most people will be thinking about the type of coffee that takes hours and sometimes overnight to prepare. But with this little machine, you can create great tasting cold brew coffee in just a few minutes! Truly amazing!

Not only does this Staresso portable coffee maker help you brew great espressos. Making frothed milk is another advantage of this product. It can also help to produce a very delicious and great looking cream that is filled with flavor.

Want this awesome coffee maker? Take it home now! You won’t regret it! You will love it!

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