Premium Gazebo Double Tiered Grill Canopy

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Our Premium Gazebo is sturdy and durable, offering protection for almost anything nature throws at you. It has a steel frame, which is heavy enough to withstand some rough use. The four poles can be secured at the bottom to a deck or concrete platform quite easily. And if you plan on placing this gazebo on grass, a few five-gallon pails full of sand will hold them in place, even in some strong winds.

The canopy is polyester, which is sturdy enough to last for years, even under the hot sun. A vent on top gives you some air flow if needed while blocking moisture if it starts to rain. All four sides have adjustable netting for shade and bug protection, plus privacy curtains to block out unwanted eyes. And when you don’t need them, they can be easily tied to the poles so they’re out of your way.

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