Stainless Steel 3 in 1 Apple Peeler

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This Apple Peeler is the perfect device for those who want to get their apples peel-free to enjoy within the shortest time.

The gadget does what it’s made to do: to remove the peel when you put the fruit onto the pole and rotate the arm. And it does its job with excellence.

The peeler comes with a sharp blade that peels a thin layer of skin off an apple quickly and smoothly. This blade is attached to a spring-loaded arm, which you can adjust to peel both small and large apples.

There is also an alternative blade in the package. Be assured, however, that it will take a long while before you have to change the blade if you take care of it properly, which means simply cleaning it right after use and protect it with the included cover.

This Apple Peeler is made of plastic, which means it is very lightweight. To ensure stability while you’re using it, the base is enforced with four suction cups, which clamps easily and firmly on the table or countertop surface. With a crystal clear shell that allows you to see through, the machine is quite fun to watch when it is at work. If you’re having guests over, be prepared to hand it over to the children so they can give it a try while others awe at the turning gears.

To complete your apple prepping work, the package includes a handheld apple slicer and corer. After you peel the apple, apply the slicer and corer on it. It should not take more than 30 seconds before you have the fruit all fresh, nicely peeled and cut, ready for use.

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