Having Breakfast Every Day is the Best For Your Health

Having Breakfast Every Day is the Best For Your Health

Having Breakfast Every Day is the Best For Your Health
"Eat Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper."  Keep reading to find out why and how to eat breakfast every day!

I hope this article inspires you to eat breakfast every day! “Eat Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper.” This is an adage that is especially true in this day and age. But with our busy lifestyles, it can be hard to stick to it. Keep reading to find out why and how to do it successfully!

Breakfast For Your Brain

This topic is especially important when it comes to children. There is a lot of research suggesting that breakfast helps children in school. In this study published in Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, it was shown that most research studies between 1950 and 2013 demonstrated a positive impact on academic performance AND behavior in children when breakfast was consumed daily. The evidence showed the strongest link between eating breakfast and mathematics scores. Make sure those little future scientists are eating breakfast every day!

Breakfast for Your Body

Besides fueling your child for school and sports, consuming calories in the morning help boost your metabolism. Our bodies have a sort of emergency shut-off. When we “fast” or abstain from food for a length of time, our system starts to hoard the sugar we last consumed, turning it into fat and making it harder to burn off. You need to let your body know every morning that food is available; you need to tell your body to burn, burn, burn! This habit will keep BMI (mass body index) in check for the whole family, which is important to our overall health.

Easy Breakfast Ideas

If you and your family are not yet in the habit of eating a healthy breakfast before rushing out the door, the first trick piggybacks off our last blog discussion, Tips for Making Mealtime Easy, Quick and Delicious. You can apply all of those principles to make sure you eat breakfast every day: freeze breakfast burritos or whole-grain pancakes ahead of time, make a batch of soul-warming overnight oats, or whip up energy-packed breakfast bars. We’ve got loads of breakfast ideas to get that are perfect for busy families like these: Sweet Potato Toast with Fried Eggs, Baked Steel Cut Banana Oatmeal, and Apple Cinnamon Raisin Overnight Oats.

Make It A Special Weekend Treat

We rarely have time for a large, hot breakfast on our busy weekday mornings. So when the weekend rolls around, I like to make my family’s favorites. They keep us going while we run errands or attend the weekend social events which sometimes result in a late lunch. These big breakfasts usually include some of our more indulgent favorites like Strawberries and Cream STUFFED French Toast, or Cranberry Lemon Whole Wheat Muffins, or my favorite…Perfectly Poached Eggs with Avocado and English Muffins. Our big breakfast helps us to reunite after a busy week and get our weekend off to a great start!

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