Marathon Meal Plan - Sunday

Marathon Meal Plan - Sunday

Race day is here. Stick to your nutrition strategy before and during your run then replace fluid, carbs and protein once you cross the line...

Someone holding out a cup of water to marathon runners

Overall dietary guidelines:

Contrary to previous beliefs, the week before the marathon isn’t all about piling on the pasta. To maximize carbohydrate (fuel) stores before the race, runners only need to start ‘fuelling up' or ‘carb-loading' two or three days before the race (three days if you prefer a slower increase in your daily intake). Read more in our guide to carb-loading.

Earlier in the week, it may be useful to start including snacks to train the gut in preparation for increased carbohydrate intake in the days leading up to the race. 

As a general rule, what you eat should be different depending on the training demands for that day (or when you are preparing for the race itself) to promote sufficient fuelling and recovery. Discover what to eat on different training days with our training meal plans for runners.

We’ve included examples of the race training program from the London Marathon to plan your nutrition for this day.

Sunday nutrition:

The big day is here. Breakfast provides the final opportunity to top up fuel stores ahead of the race.

The most important thing is to stick to your plan here, selecting a breakfast you have eaten before and are comfortable with it. If you are traveling for the race, remember to plan and choose an option that will be available in the hotel – or take it with you.

Often the biggest mistakes here are trying to eat too much the day before and feeling uncomfortable on the morning of the race. Remember, your increased carbohydrate intake over the last few days will have been stored as fuel, so you will be ready to race.

Post-race, the priority is to refuel. A drink is a great option to provide some carbohydrates, water, and protein too, which will kick-start the repair process.


Orange & raspberry granola

Orange & raspberry granola or poached eggs with smashed avocado & tomatoes
While these are both great options, remember to choose a breakfast that you have tried before a race in the past and works well for you.

Snack (during the race)

Water and easily digested carbohydrates from sports drinks, gels or jellied sweets are best – aim for something each hour.

Post-race recovery snack (within 30 mins)

Exercise shake
Blend a mix of pomegranate juice, soya, banana, and honey for a nutritionally-balanced smoothie.

Post-race recovery meal/lunch

A barbecue flavour chicken burger in a bun

BBQ chicken burgers
These tasty chicken burgers are super quick to make – perfect for a post-race treat.


Chilli con Carne served with rice
Our classic beef chili recipe contains plenty of protein – a key to kickstarting the recovery process.

Evening snack (optional)

Healthier flapjacks
A healthier version of traditional fruit and nut bars that are packed with seeds, oats and agave syrup.