Marathon Meal Plan - Tuesday

Marathon Meal Plan - Tuesday

It's the week before the marathon and getting your diet right is key to peak performance. Sports nutritionist James Collins shares his pre-race meal plan for Tuesday...

A group of runners competing in a marathon event

Overall dietary guidelines:

Contrary to previous beliefs, the week before the marathon isn’t all about piling on the pasta. In fact, to maximise carbohydrate (fuel) stores before the race, runners only need to start ‘fuelling up' or ‘carb-loading' two or three days before the race (three days if you prefer a slower increase in your daily intake). Read more in our guide to carb-loading.

Earlier in the week, it may be useful to start including snacks to train the gut in preparation for increased carbohydrate intake in the days leading up to the race. 

As a general rule, what you eat should be different depending on the training demands for that day (or when you are preparing for the race itself) to promote sufficient fuelling and recovery. Discover what to eat on different training days with our training meal plans for runners.

We’ve included examples of the race training programme from the London Marathon to plan your nutrition for this day.

Tuesday training:

* Beginner's guidelines as recommended by the London Marathon.

Tuesday nutrition:

Carbohydrate is reduced today as it’s a rest day. Starting the day with a protein-rich breakfast is a good option here, to support muscle growth and repair, whilst training volume is lower. Earlier in the week is a great opportunity to boost micronutrient intakes, such as magnesium (afternoon snack), iron (dinner) and omega-3 (lunch), which are crucial for energy production and muscle function.


A crab and asparagus omelette in a frying pan

Crab & asparagus omelette
This speedy omelette with spinach, asparagus and crabmeat is packed with flavour and couldn't be easier.

Morning snack

Apricot, honey & pistachio flapjacks
These tasty treats will keep you in the kitchen for just five minutes.


Smoked mackerel, orange & couscous salad
Sliced oranges make a refreshing addition to this substantial salad.

Afternoon snack

A healthy spiced seed mix

Chinese spiced seed mix
Snack on these moreish sunflower and pumpkin nibbles – a healthier choice.


Chilli beef with broccoli & oyster sauce
Marinate a cheaper cut like rump steak to tenderise the meat then stir-fry with vegetables and rich Chinese flavours.